The Burned Out Photographer

by Quiana Jackson

Moth_Invisible Horseman.jpeg

I receive Peta Pixel’s weekly email and saw an article on a Canadian photographer, Troy Moth. Moth was photographing for another assignment when he saw a bear in a landfill. Now many people would think that this is a perfect shot, a bear in a landfill filled with smoke but to Moth it was much deeper. The very next day Moth went back to the landfill because he could not get the bears out of his mind. He felt an instant compassion. “This is the most heartbreaking image I’ve ever made,” stated Moth.

The story of Moth reminds me of the compassion that photographers have. Yes we are recorders of time and our subjects and even our purpose is all the same in the end. As objective as we want and sometimes need to be, we are humans first. It amazes me every time I see such powerful work from photographers and I think to myself how could this not bring tears to their eyes. Images of famine children, death and war are a hard thing to photograph but yet it is the courage of the photographers that will get it done.


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