Sculptor Or Photographer. Why not both?

by Simone Dutra

There had been enough discussions about the difference between taking and making an image.

National Geographic photographer Sam Abell simply explains that taking an image is shooting a photo as a reaction, without any preparation, while making a photograph is a process. In one interview, he tells how it took him over a year to make one single image.

Another good example of photographers that take the image making to the next level is Gregory Crewdson. For those not familiar with his process, he takes care of every single detail. And I mean it.

In a smaller scale of making an image, we can talk about Sao Paulo, Brazil-based photographer Valentino Fialdini. Or shall we really call him Image Sculptor?

Valentino is known for meticulously construct himself, miniature architectural interiors. Each one measuring 10 by 10 inches.

After building, he photographs them in such way that they appear to be inhabitable places. Valentino does the opposite of the tilt-shift photography effect – that turns scenes into miniature “wonderlands”. He turns them into life-size Plexiglas prints. As a result the viewer wants just to walk through it.

The miniatures are created with jigsaw puzzlesrockswood, and Lego Bricks - replete with columns, hallways, and windows filled with light.

Did you ever think Lego Bricks had a place in Fine Art?