by Elizabeth Stitch

I’m at a point of transition with my Thesis Project, “In Vitro”. You might call it a rut! When I fall into a creative rut, I tend to research other artists in hopes of finding some inspiration. I hadn’t looked up the topic of infertility until now, which may seem strange. I guess the topic is so personal and powerful that I had a lot to draw from in the beginning. That wealth of inspiration is slowly dwindling. Or, maybe I just need to find my way back to that place deep down in the pit of my memory and swept emotions. I’m rambling. I found two artists who have created projects about infertility.

“A Void Called Duvy” by Zoe Berkovic (Photography) and Motty Landau (Creative) ( ) is a powerful series combing poetry with photography. The use of a red balloon throughout the project to indicate the absence of a child is fantastically haunting and impactful. The inclusion of the poetry is a bonus, yet I don’t think it’s necessary as the imagery and the titles of the works are enough to give a poignant message. 

“Infertility Struggles” by Robin Spalding ( ) is another strong series that clearly expresses the emotional upset that infertility casts upon the afflicted. This project is more surreal and delves into the heart and the mind of an infertile woman. My favorite image is “the emptiness rips me apart”. This particular photograph expresses, to me, the sense of incompetence as a woman unable to perform her one biological role in this world. It reminds me of Darwin’s theory of the Survival of the Fittest. Another powerful image in this series is “another failed attempt”. With each passing month, and the arrival of yet another cycle, you begin to feel defeated and cheated by your own body. This image speaks the truth! The heartache. The disappointment. The shame.