by Simone Dutra

Over the last few months I've been thinking more and more about the idea / importance of showing my work. For all the guest lectures I've attended lately, one point seemed to be the common denominator between them. Can you guess? Right if you answered the importance of showing your work.

My email is being constantly bombarded with Call of entries, Submissions, Photography Awards. And in the end, it all comes to… Show your work! Which means: get yourself noticed!

With that in mind I decided to give some spoilers on another great book. I have to admit that I haven’t read all of it in the right order, as I am more of a “nibbler”. And the book is called (ta-da): SHOW YOUR WORK by Austin Kleon, who also wrote Steal like an artist.

We cannot deny anymore that we do live in a digital era. So drop the ‘I don’t do social media stuff’ because “in this day and age, if your work isn’t online, it doesn’t exist”. That was the first sentence that hit me right on the stomach… page 23.

But for that to happen, we must first have work to show, to post. And that is when the Vampire Test comes in handy.

So for now, let’s imagine (and hope) that you are working with whatever excites you. It’s time to decide ‘what’ to share….

When we look at this flowchart it seems pretty obvious right?

But the question is: Do we really follow this flowchart? And, if so, how often?

I don’t really want to give a lot on the book because I think it worth reading it. The author goes deep and has some interesting views and, why not say, advices. For example, he recommends that we read Obituaries!!! And of course, I will not say why!

I will just end with my new mantra: